Love Me, Love Me Knot

78,000 Words

Contemporary Romance

After a humiliating YouTube breakup, magazine columnist Sophie Dougherty focuses on trying to save her company outreach for bulimic teen girls. She secretly participates in a scavenger-hunt on a training-based excursion aboard a luxury cruise liner where everything comes apart. Not only does her company prohibit the game, but Sophie’s old college sweetheart, Ryan Pike, the man who catapulted her into the world of bulimia, is unexpectedly brought onboard to head the training.

It becomes apparent Sophie is in over her head with the scavenger hunt and she soon realizes that in order to save the café, she may have to trust Ryan—something that is not easy. But as she begins to fall for the man who once broke her heart, the emotional rollercoaster forces Sophie to face the reality that she may not be over her bulimia, and perhaps, she never really got over Ryan.


*Acquired by Soulmate Publishing. Release date December 12, 2018



Champion Cove Series

80,000 Words

Contemporary Romance

*Completion date: July 2016